Industry Work Placement / Internship

According to §5 of the respective study regulations, students of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Computer Science can apply for an industrial internship in the mandatory elective area (free points).

During an industrial internship, you will work full-time in a business enterprise or an institution together with employees on a project and thus gain an insight into the professional practice in your field.

The internship must be applied for and approved by the examination board before starting the internship. Subsequent approval is not possible! The application should contain at least the following information:

  • the company or institution where the internship will be completed
  • the period of the internship
  • the content of the project they will be working on during the internship
  • contact details of a contact person in the company

Please submit your application early so that you can start your internship at the desired time. Please note that the internship must be completed before you apply for your thesis.

After completing the internship, you must write a report on the internship. This must be signed by you and a representative of the company and then submitted to the examination office. Alternatively, it is also possible for you to submit an internship report signed by you and a employment reference letter from the employer.

The number of credit points you will receive for your internship is based on the amount of work you do during your internship. In order for this to be evaluated, you must also submit your employment contract to the examination office. In total, you can receive a maximum of 6 CP for industrial placements.