Contact to the Examination Office:

  • Bachelor-Studies, Master-Studies:

Ms. Stephanie Sum
Phone: 0681-302-5071
eMail: mwwt (at)

Office-Hours:  Monday - Thursday 10.30 - 11.30

Building E 1 3, Room 202

  • Diplom-Studies:

Ms. Heike-Eva Krieger
Phone: 0681-302-3853
eMail: mechatronik (at)

Office-Hours:  Tuesday - Thursday 10.30 - 11.30
Building E 1 3, Room 202

  • Teaching Post in Mechatronics:

    Ms. R. Ast
    Phone: 0681-302-2154
    eMail: ast (at)

    Office-Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:30 - 11:30
    Building E 1 3, Room 202


    Important note for student teachers:
    As soon as you take up your studies, please also apply for  addmission to the examination process at the Central Examination Office of the Faculty  of Phyilosophy.


Head of the Examination Board

  • Diploma / Bachelor Theses, Teaching Post

Prof. Dr. R. Dyczij-Edlinger
Contact: Edlinger (at)



  • Bachelor Theses

Examination Regulations 2008
Study Regulations 2008

  • Diploma

Examination- and Study Regulation

  • Teaching Post

more Information at the Webpage of Teaching Post

  • Master Theses

       Examination Regulations 2009

       Study Regulations 2009


Procedure for registering Diploma / Bachelor theses

See guidelines

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