Thesis Admission

  • To apply for your thesis you need these application form (computer science or computer science related study programmes).
  • Here you will find a template of a thesis title page (German word-file or English word-file).
  • When registering the Thesis, please include the master's seminar certificate (supervising professor in cc) or briefly confirm by email that the master's seminar is currently being taken (email with supervising professor in cc).
  • The responsible topic provider/supervisor (and first reviewer of the Thesis) must be from the group of people on this list (see. If possible, the second reviewer should be from a different research group than the first reviewer.
  • If the second reviewer is a post-doctoral academic staff member of the department, the DFKI, the MPI, or the CISPA and not on the advisor list, please contact the examination office in advance.
  • The second reviewer may be proposed by the student and should be determined at the latest shortly before submission of the thesis.
  • If the submission deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is postponed to the following working day.
  • In case of illness (GemPO § 22 (3)): "If the Thesis on the Bachelor's or Master's thesis must be interrupted for more than one week due to illness or for other reasons for which the candidate is not responsible, the deadline shall be suspended during this interruption. The corresponding
    In the case of illness, the candidate must submit a medical certificate to the Examination Office without delay.  -> The certificate must be submitted in original.
  • In justified exceptional cases, a postponement of the deadline may be requested from the examination board up to 5 days before the deadline in accordance with §22 of the Joint Examination Regulations:
    (2) In exceptional cases and where reasonable grounds exist, a candidate may apply to the Examination Board for an extension to the period in which the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis is to be completed.In the case of a Bachelor’s thesis, an extension will typically not exceed three weeks. For a Master’s thesis, an extension should typically not exceed six weeks. Any extension granted shall not alter the number of ECTS credits awarded.