The thesis should be submitted during the office hours. If this is not possible, an appointment can be made with the Examination Office staff to hand in the dissertation outside the office hours.

Current information regarding Corona

The examination office has no office hours at the moment. You can send your Thesis by post or hand it in at the library Maths and Computer Science (E 2.3).

If you send the thesis by post, the date of the postmark is relevant (= submission date).

Please remember to fill in all the necessary forms and to sign the Statement in Lieu an Oath in the Thesis.


Submission of Thesis

To submit your thesis you will need the following:

  • Submission form (computer science or computer science related study programmes).
  • 3 printed copies of the thesis, permanently bound (no ring or spiral binding)
  • Statement in Lieu an Oath (must be included and signed in the thesis) pdf-file 
  • electronic version of the thesis together with the signed statement that paper and electronic versions are identical (pdf-file). Students of the study programme computer science and cybersecurity have to submit online (see below). Students of other computer science related study programmes can either submit on CD or online.
  • source code (if applicable) must also be submitted via the cloud storage / on CD.


At best, the second reviewer is from this group of people:


If you need a "Fertig-Bescheinigung" (certificate of completion) after submitting your thesis, please send this form to both reviewers and ask them to sign it and send it to your contact person in the examination office. If the examination office has received both signed confirmations and all other examination results have been completed, a certificate of completion can be issued.


If the submission of the thesis was the last examination performance (if you are unsure, please ask the examination office for confirmation), you may exmatriculate at the Studierendensekretariat/admission office of the UdS.

Electronic copy submission of your thesis

In addition to the printed and bound version of your thesis, you must also submit an electronic version. Students in the study programmes of computer science and cybersecurity  must use the cloud storage of the department for this purpose. Students of the other computer science related study programmes have the possibility to burn their data on a CD or to store them online in the cloud storage of the department.


CD / DVD (not for the study programmes computer science or cybersecurity)

Burn a CD or DVD with the PDF of your thesis and any further data and hand it in together with the bound paper version to your responsible contact person.


Cloud storage

Alternatively, (students of the study programmes Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Mathematik und Informatik, Embedded Systems, Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity, Computer and Communication Technology, DSAI and Medieninformatik) you have the possibility to upload the electronic version in the cloud storage of the Department of Computer Science and share it with the responsible contact person.

You can find the cloud storage of the department at Students of computer science courses are automatically granted access at the beginning of their studies. The user name is identical with the student ID of the university (sXxxxxxx or xxxx0000x). You have received the password by mail and it is different from your LSF password. You can reset your password on the Password Reset page.

If you do not have access to the cloud storage or if there are problems when submitting, please contact your contact person in the examination office.


To submit your thesis, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in at first. You should now see the main window with your files.

  2. Upload the text of your thesis in PDF format. If you want to submit additional files, please upload them all together as a second file in a compressed folder in the ZIP format.

  3. Rename your files according to the following scheme:

    studyprogramme = {cs, cyber, mathcs, es, ecs, cuk, dsai, mei}
    degree = {bsc, msc}
    format = {pdf, zip}

    e.g. thesis_cs_bsc_Doe_Jane.pdf
    Note: The file name (incl. the file extension) must not contain more than 64 characters, otherwise you will get an error message when you share the file!

  4. Share your files with the responsible contact person in the examination office. You can find your contact person on the site of your study programme. Click on Share for each file and enter the correct address of your contact person:

    Jaqueline Pennekamp:
    Ellen Wintringer:
    Silke Lorang:
    Stephanie Sum:
    Important: The file must be shared remote and not as a mail or link! The file has been shared correctly if the share icon is displayed next to the file name and not the link icon (see pictures below).

  5. When you hand in the paper version, tell your contact person that you have shared the files in the cloud storage. She will then copy the files.