Recognition of academic achievements

Recognition shall be granted only on application. The application for recognition must be submitted only once within one semester after the date of enrolment in the relevant study programme, or, if the study and examination achievements were completed during a stay abroad, in the semester immediately following the stay abroad.

Please note that it is not possible to recognise courses whose content overlaps in whole or in part with examinations that have already been taken (duplication of content).


The application procedure differs depending on the study programme:

- Computer Science: Please contact the study coordination by mail to in time to receive an application for recognition.

- Media Informatics: Please use the appropriate form (PO 2010 or PO 2013) and follow the instructions below.

- Visual Computing: Please use this form and follow the instructions below.

- Cybersicherheit: Please use this form and follow the instructions below.


Form filling guide for Media Informatics, Visual Computing and Cybersecurity:

Fill out the first page completely, otherwise we cannot process the application.

Use the second page to list the courses to be recognised. Short explanations of the columns can be found at the end of the second page. If in doubt, leave some columns blank. In the column equivalent course ("Äquivalente LV"), you propose how the achievement should be recognised for your studies. For basic or core lectures, this can be a specific course title (e.g. Computer Graphics) or otherwise a category from section 5, paragraph 2 of the respective study regulations (e.g. advanced lecture computer science, seminar, proseminar, free points, ...).

For cyber security only: Send the completed application form with the attachments listed below to your contact person in the Examination Office ( for preview. They will then contact you to discuss the further procedure.

After you have filled out the form, please go to the respective course representatives of the Department of Computer Science who represent the corresponding subject area in Saarbrücken from which the performance to be recognised comes. They will check the academic equivalence of the examination performance and document it on the application. In order to classify the performance, please also enclose the module description and, if applicable, lecture material such as scripts, slides or a link to the lecture website.

If you do not know who the responsible course representative is, you can first consult the module descriptions or ask your contact person in the Examination Office for advice.

Please submit complete applications to the Examinations Office to the contact person responsible for your study programme with the following attachments:

  • Transcript of Records (overview of grades)
  • description of the grading system and workload
  • module description of the respective achievements
  • other explanatory documents (e.g. scripts, performance records, certificates)
  • certified translation of these documents, if they are not available in German or English

    Applications that do not contain the above information cannot be processed.

    If you have any further questions, please contact the Study Coordination.