The recognition of study achievements is relatively simple if you adhere to the following basic rules. The course of action is basically the same for all recognitions, whether you change the university, the subject, or study abroad.

  • For recognition use only the following document
  • Please fill in the first page completely or else we cannot process your request
  • Use the second page listing the courses of study using the following data. You will find brief explanations on the bottom of page two.

      SWS & CP: Please state the amount of the Semester Weekly Hours (i.e., a breakdown by lecture/lab exercise) of each lecture and possibly the assigned Credit Points. Otherwise, the assignment of Credit Points will be based on our ECTS System: 1.5 CP for 1 SWS.
      Try to match your lectures to our presentations in basic studies or to the categories. For example, you may list a specific lecture of the curriculum, which should be substituted by a lecture or category taken by you (i.e., core lecture, etc.). You can also state if the lecture should be applied to the major or minor subject.

  • After you’ve completed your list, take it to the professor of the individual Computer Science Branch in Saarbrücken , which represents the particular subject area where your lecture derived. Only the professor can attest to the equivalence of a core lecture taught in Saarbrücken or recommend the acceptance as an in-depth lecture, seminar, proseminar or a lecture of a minor field of study.
  • Should you have any questions, or should you not know who represents a certain subject area on the Saarbrücken University please contact our study coordinator via e-mail.
  • In order to expedite the recognition, please furnish a short description of the lecture content for better review of the equivalence. Please orientate yourself on the content of the hard copy university calendars, respectively the calendars on our web pages. Also mention the literature (samples) used, besides naming the major subject.
  • Attachments:
    • Please enclose a legend of your Transcript of Record
    • Also submit copies of report cards and certificates as well as a Transcript of Record, possibly with a translation and reference to the country and university who issued them. Please submit the originals (including lecture certificates) to the Examination Office.
  • Requests, not containing above information, will not be processed.
  • Further questions should be addressed to the study coordinator:
  • Completed requests should be submitted to the Examination Office:

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